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This site is dedicated to detailing the installation of an all aluminum LS1, V8 engine, and 6speed T56 transmission removed from a 2000 Camaro Z28 and installed in a 1982 Volvo 245 Turbo Wagon.  While this car is not yet running it is well on its way to putting 300 RWHP in a boxy, very utilitarian, Volvo.   Hopefully, with the proper work, the suspension and other drivetrain components will be up to the task of keeping the power firmly planted.


The Ultimate Sleeper?

This picture is how the car started.  The front is so high because I have already removed the original engine.  This car and an identical twin parts car were purchased for $450.  Neither were running.  They both had engine, turbo, and/or wiring problems.  I bought them in Beckley West Virginia, an 8 hour drive.  On the way to pick them up the car trailer came off of the hitch on the Interstate and then the safety chains broke.  Luckily my wife following in another vehicle didn't hit it. After running down the median ditch the trailer shot back across the highway and buried its tongue in the ground on the side of the shoulder.  I'll spare you the part of the story where the creepy old guy in a panel van with no windows and painted primer gray stopped to help us.  

Not a good start, but After 2 days of work and the help of several people, (Thanks Keenan, Eric, Bridgette, Dave, and Leah) the cars were at my friend Dave's house.  Oh did I mention I didn't have a garage or even a driveway.  This project was started in the driveway of my friend Dave's house.  We met autocrossing and share a love of odd cars.  The parts Volvo took the place of his old pickup truck in the backyard.  (Thanks again Dave and Bridgette)

The car was completely rust free and covered with 1/2" of West Virginia green mold.  The engine wiring was screwed up after having been driven not once, but twice, into 3+ feet of water.  Since I was removing the engine it was perfect.  Straight body, cheap, and it came with a spare parts car.

The car behind the Volvo is Dave's 1980's Ford Grenada.  The hood bulge is functional as it helps to accomodate the 351 Windsor with aftermarket carb, intake, cam, roller rockers, long tube headers, and a tremac 5 speed.  It makes (well, did make) 286 RWHP and 326lb ft of torque on the Dynojet.  He has since removed the engine and gotten rid of the car :(

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Engine+Drivetrain Suspension Brakes Exhaust Odds and Ends Costs Great Web Links Quilting???


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